apoplectic stroke

apoplectic stroke
апоплексический удар

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  • apoplectic stroke — sudden attack of weakness affecting one side of the body which is caused by an interruption of the flow of blood to the brain …   English contemporary dictionary

  • stroke — Synonyms and related words: Jacksonian epilepsy, Rolandic epilepsy, abdominal epilepsy, abuse, access, accomplished fact, accomplishment, ache, achievement, aching, act, acta, action, activated epilepsy, ad hoc measure, adventure, affect epilepsy …   Moby Thesaurus

  • Apoplectic — Ap o*plec tic(#) Apoplectical Ap o*plec tic*al, a. [L. apoplecticus, Gr. ?, fr. ?: cf. F. apoplectique. See {Apoplexy}.] Relating to apoplexy; affected with, inclined to, or symptomatic of, apoplexy; as, an apoplectic person, medicine, habit or… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • apoplectic — (adj.) 1610s, involving apoplexy, from Fr. apoplectique (16c.), from L. apoplecticus, from Gk. apoplektikos disabled by a stroke, crippled, struck dumb, from apoplektos, verbal adjective of apoplessein (see APOPLEXY (Cf. apoplexy)). Meaning… …   Etymology dictionary

  • apoplectic — ► ADJECTIVE 1) informal overcome with anger. 2) dated relating to apoplexy (stroke) …   English terms dictionary

  • stroke — n. apoplexy 1) to have, suffer a stroke 2) an apoplectic; crippling, massive, severe; slight stroke movement, series of movements 3) (tennis) a backhand; forehand stroke 4) (swimming) a backstroke; breast; butterfly stroke; sidestroke sound of… …   Combinatory dictionary

  • apoplectic — adjective Etymology: French or Late Latin; French apoplectique, from Late Latin apoplecticus, from Greek apoplēktikos, from apoplēssein Date: 1611 1. of, relating to, or causing stroke 2. affected with, inclined to, or showing symptoms of stroke… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Stroke — For other uses, see Stroke (disambiguation). Stroke Classification and external resources CT scan slice of the brain showing a right hemispheric ischemic stroke (left side of image). ICD 10 …   Wikipedia

  • stroke — {{11}}stroke (n.) act of striking, c.1300, probably from O.E. *strac, from P.Gmc. *straikaz (Cf. M.L.G. strek, Ger. streich, Goth. striks stroke ), related to the verb stracian (see STROKE (Cf. stroke) (v.)). The meaning mark of a pen is from… …   Etymology dictionary

  • apoplectic — apoplectically, adv. /ap euh plek tik/, adj. Also, apoplectical. 1. of or pertaining to apoplexy. 2. having or inclined to apoplexy. 3. intense enough to threaten or cause apoplexy: an apoplectic rage. n. 4. a person having or predisposed to… …   Universalium

  • apoplectic — Relating to, suffering from, or predisposed to apoplexy. * * * ap·o·plec·tic .ap ə plek tik adj 1) of, relating to, or causing stroke 2) affected with, inclined to, or showing symptoms of stroke ap·o·plec·ti·cal·ly ti k(ə )lē adv …   Medical dictionary

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